Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R

Offshore Corporate and Personal Bank Account

Open an offshore account and move funds seamlessly between businesses and people worldwide.

24/7 online accounts

Open and operate your offshore bank account from anywhere in the world. Account can be opened normally within 10-15 days.


Through our exclusive arrangement with a large regional development bank in Asia

Offshore financial institutions accepted
Used online
Corporate and Personal Debit Card
Offshore Bank account with utmost privacy
Load and convert digital asset to your bank account
24/7 Online Support

Available in Visa and UnionPay

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Mobile Banking

You are able to manage your account through web-based and mobile application

Limitations and Conditions apply, please contact us for details

Please be advised that Sun Hill Assets does not directly offer financial services; all are provided through our licensed bank partners, and our services are unavailable in all jurisdictions. Please check your local jurisdiction for restrictions.
* US citizens are not accepted.

A large development in South East Asia with Intermediary banks in Thailand
Takes 2 – 3 days like any normal transfers.
The bank account is directly in the client’s name.
10 – 14 days if we have all the required documents.
3 -5 days if we have a clear picture passport.
Most countries are accepted with certain limitations.
No, this has to be done by an authorized agent like us.
No, there is no minimum balances.
There is a setup fee of $750 and $750 a year + bank fee $120
There is a setup fee of $5,500.
There is $3,500 renewal agent fee + bank fee $120
You’ll receive a notice within 30 days, and your account will be closed.
Yes, but this is a OTC transactions that takes up to 24 hours.
All funds are sent to Thailand.